Bolts & Nuts

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Bolts and Nuts


Grade 2 & 5 Hex Head up to 1in diameter in various lengths.

Construction Bolts

Black Finish - UNC: Conforms to A325 Standards.

½in – 2in, 21/2in, 3in, 4in, 5in
5/8in – 2in, 21/2in, 3in, 4in
¾in – 2in, 21/2in , 3in, 4in
1in – 21/2in, 3in, 31/2in, 4in

Hot Dipped Galvanized - UNC.

½in – 2in, 21/2in, 3in
5/8in – 2in, 21/2in, 3in, 31/2in
¾in – 2in, 21/2in, 3in
1in – 2/12in, 3in, 31/2in, 4in

We also Have a wide range of:

Washer faced, copper coated, square head, lock seal, lock, left hand threaded & split pin nuts (UNC & UNF).
12 Flange point screws (UNC &UNF)
Socket Head Cap Screws
Zinc Coated Bolts & Nuts
Heavy Hex Nuts Plain & Hot Dipped Galvanized
Flat, plate & lock washers
Zinc Coated Metric Bolts
Hex head lag bolts
Socket Set Screws UNC & UNF
Square Head Bolts

Bolt Cutters

20947 24inch Bolt Cutter
20949 36inch Bolt Cutter

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